Dave Pocci has been building furniture since he was four years old when he constructed his first chair out of scraps of wood. At age of six and seven he was building forts and tree houses in the woods.  His urge to build was insatiable, leading him to build countless projects during his youth in Pittsburgh with little formal training.  Dave moved to Illinois and improve his craftsmanship in school and at home.   In 1975 his natural inclination towards woodworking took him to the Northern Illinois Industrial Wood Educational Exhibit. He entered a hall clock for consideration in the competition, at age fifteen he was disqualified by the judges believing that a young boy could not design and build such a project by himself.  Receiving no help building the clock, Dave was determined to prove the judges wrong. The next year he entered again with a new project and received the best in show distinction.  Although that was more than thirty years ago his drive to succeed has remained with him to this day.

In 1984 Dave founded his own company dedicated to producing the highest quality custom woodwork for homes and businesses.  Business flourished and his reputation grew among consumers of high end custom millwork.  By his early thirties Dave’s work was in ten different Fortune 500 companies including Amoco, Rockwell, Electromotive, and Del Webb.

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